How To Measure for Curtains.

  • Width = Length of Curtain Track or Rod (Measure with in the Brackets).
  • Length = Measurement from the Bottom of the Curtain Track or Rod till the floor or where you want your curtains to end.

 How To Measure for Blinds.

  • Width & Length for In Fitting = Measure within the cavity or window frame (Enter 2 to 3 cms less for easy moment of the blinds).
  • Width & Length for Out Fitting = Measure full area that you want to cover (Few cms extra for better coverage).

How To Order.

  1. Select Color or Pattern.
  2. Mention Exact Width of the Window.
  3. Mention Exact Length of the Window.
  4. Select Lining
  5. Mention Lining Color.
  6. Select Top.
  7. Style Pair or Single.
  8. Mention Special Instructions
  9. Add to Cart.