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Curtains or Drapes can be made using good quality fabric or cloth that are available in various colors, textures, designs, sizes to fit in our space and complete the decor. 

These are available in more varieties now, like Sunblock or Blackout, Semi Blackout or Dimout, Sheers, Designer and much more with the huge variety of colors available in various materials have been used in the most stylish ways to bring a luxurious look to our space. Our fashion world is huge and likewise also have a fashion trend. Long curtains or short lengths, heavy or light material, bright or dull shades all have their trends it’s a personal choice what we would like to add to our decor.

In history Curtains or Drapes were only used to cover the windows, but now have a variety of uses added, be it a small office space, home, banquet halls, schools, hotels, hospitals, showrooms, and temples everywhere a room is incomplete without proper curtains.

Fabrics selection  is a crucial part in and designing of curtains. The availability of different fabrics in various colors gives us wings to chose and styles our curtains to embellish our space and obtain the proper outcome what we crave for.

The world of materials is an architect who helps us design our curtains, fabrics to choose from Polyester & Polyester Blended like Faux Silk or Natural fabric like Pure Silk, Pure Cotton, Pure Linen, all fabrics are available in wide range of colors with textures & patterns, like Jacquard (Self Designed), Damask,  Textured, Embroidered, Printed, Painted, Pin-tuck, Patchwork and more

Lining not only gives proper draper or fall, also protects the curtains from direct sunlight  at the same time makes the curtains look more thicker & Luxurious.

Not all curtains need lining but curtains made with certain specific materials are incomplete without linings. Linings provide a proper finish to the curtains and add to its grace .It gives the curtains an honest lasting time span. Lining gives the right finish to curtains inside out. It acts further for cover and sturdiness of curtains. It is vital to decide on the correct lining material that depends on the curtains we select.

Normal Lining, Cotton Lining, Thick Lining, Semi Blackout Lining (80% Sun block), Blackout Lining (100%Sunblock), Thermal Interlining.

Curtains have no age bar, today kids have a lot of options to choice their theme curtains to add to their rooms and their world of happiness and comfort. While choosing curtains their ways of maintenance also needs a taught, dry cleaning or simple home wash are all available.

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