Curtains can be made using any  cloth or fabric available in various materials, colours, textures, designs, sizes to suit in our space and complete the decor. Curtains in history were only accustomed to cover the windows , but now have a spread of uses added. Curtains block the bright sunlight , outside lights and dirt. Curtains are affordable and have accessories that may be wont to add a more luxurious look even to an easy place.
Curtains are customized and designed to support personal choices of styles, fabric , place to be covered and are cheaper.
Curtains add privacy to our place . Curtains are designed keeping atmospheric conditions in mind.
Curtains can keep rooms cool in summers and warm during winters materials are often selected accordingly.
Curtains not only make a space look more cosy and complete but they create elegance and make the place eye catching and exquisite.
Be it a little office space , home, banquet halls, schools, hotels , hospitals,showrooms ,temples everywhere an area is incomplete without curtains .
Curtains provide you with freedom of option to bring that warmth and luxury to your space . many other times we see rooms without windows yet curtains are often utilized in various alternative ways to divide an area , or top off those empty walls. Long curtains behind the beds or bedside gives a more lavish look .
Curtains add more beauty to our furniture, matching cushions and more. Curtains give the proper , flawless and an entire look.
Curtains have a lot more varieties available now: drapes , sheers , blinds ,stylish curtains , net Curtains, international designs,themes and far more . Curtains with the massive kind of colours available in various materials are utilized in the foremost stylish ways to bring an expensive look to our space.
Our fashion world is big and likewise curtains even have a fashion trend. Long curtains or short lengths , heavy or light material, bright or dull shades all have their trends. It is a personal choice what we might prefer to augment our decor.
Curtains don’t have any age bar today; kids have a lot of options to settle on their theme curtains to feature in their rooms and their world of happiness and luxury . While choosing curtains their ways of maintenance also needs a thought cleaning or simple house wash all are available.
Fabric: Pure Silk, Pure Lining, Pure Cotton, Polyester, Plain, Printed, Jacquard, Embraided, Sunblock, Blackout & more…
Top: Rod Top or Pole Pocket, Hook Top, Hidden or Back Tab, Eyelet or Grommet Top or Ring Top, French or Pinch Pleat, Inverted or Skirt Pleat, Box Pleat, Persian or Flair Pleat, Cartage Pleat, Goblet Pleated & more…
Lining: Pure Cotton, Normal Lining, Thick Lining, Sunblock or Dimout Lining, Blackout Lining, Thermal Interlining & more..