Roller Blinds are the most highlighted product in your modern architectural home. It’s the simple ease of just pulling a chord down and locking yourself out from the heat and sunlight along with having the privacy.

Roller Blinds have one of the most simple mechanism of fabric being rolled up on the cylindrical bar on top while you pull down one end of the chord and the fabric being opened down if you pull down the other end of the chord.
Here in Blinds N Curtains we provide you with the most versatile range of roller Blind Fabric starting all the way from just Plain colours and going up to textured, printed and patterned blinds both with 100% Black out as well as just light filtering or privacy blinds.
Having a roller blind in your windows is one of the cheapest yet one of the best solutions to block the sunlight from entering or glaring into your room.
*We do not recommend installing this product on very large windows and also if you require to have a pitch dark room.
All roller blinds tend to leave a gap of roughly 2-3 cms from the wall frame letting in light which can be a cause of problem if you are very particular about the light.
Vertical Blinds
Vertical Blinds are the best solution to fit in your requirements of covering up a large window or glass Sliding Door, Also if you wish to control the amount of light entering as well as Privacy.
All with a simple wand movement you get to control the light entering your room by rotating the wand and also you get to pull and push the blades to each end and completely open or close the window for yourself.
Vertical blinds have a basic channel in the header and free moving blades held to the channel. The blades come in various prints patterns colours and textures, which rotate as well as move from one end to another.
*Vertical Blinds tend to let in light between each gap of each individual blade, and hence it is not recommended in areas where you require complete 100% darkness.
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