Curtain Cloth or Material or Fabric.

How to choice the right fabric for your curtains.

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Fabrics are a main a part of the materials used in making of curtains,  Fabrics are a mix of yarns, threads made into a cloth by stitching, knitting or using various more methods.

We’ve got natural fabrics in addition as handcrafted fabrics available to feature more value to our fashion world.

Fabrics form a crucial part in selection and designing of curtains. The availability of assorted different fabrics in various colors gives us wings to chose and style our curtains to embellish our space and obtain the proper outcome what we crave for .The world of materials is an architect who helps us design our curtains.

A few things to remember before finalizing the fabrics:

  • Fabric Natural or Man-made.
  • Right Color, Patterns, Texture, Design. 
  • Thickness of the Fabric.
  • Maintenance  of the curtains.

It’s our choice we look forward to have an easy wash at home or can afford a dry cleaning regularly.

We also look at our budget before we finalize our material for curtains.

Fabrics are available in every range to suit each one as per their requirements.

We have most exclusive selection of Natural fabrics for curtains, Pure Silk Dupioni & Taffeta, Pure Linen, Pure Cotton & more.

One of our main unique product is Faux Silk Satin Dupioni, This is made of polyester looks like real silk, to give you the perfect silk look at half the price.

More materials made using Polyester, Polyester Blended, Viscose, Wool & more, all available in wide range of colors, designs, textures, patterns, etc..

We offer  verity of other stuff with Embroidery, Printing, Pin-tuck etc.

Sheers have added to latest trends for decor.

Fabric for Sheers available in Pure Silk & Faux Silk, Crepe, Organza, Georgette, Chiffon & more.

Choose your fabrics as per your choice and comfort for the perfection of your curtains that you look for. We are just a click or call away.

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